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Build and manage your AI journey in a strategic and purposeful way from day 1

Purpose. Value.

People & machines

Teams that thrive bring the best value for organizations. Greater efficiency, lower turnover rate, high engagement and predictable results.

Technology. Ecosystem.

jobs to be done

We believe in choosing technologies that are complimentary with your goals and values. Technology is a part of an ecosystem, in which your teams work to achieve shared goals.

The team

Aleksander Molak

Consultant and advisor with background in machine learning, organizational psychology and neuroscience.
Built projects, consulted and ran trainings for Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and Inc 5000 companies in Europe, The US and Israel.

The Team

Katia Molak

Consultant and former McKinsey knowledge expert. Helped Fortune 500 companies in Europe and The US improve cultural and operational efficiency. Specialized in organizational culture and change management.

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